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Expats & YouTubers in Ecuador

This is the course we wish we had when we moved to Ecuador in 2017. We felt our way around in the dark and learned every lesson the hard way. And some of those lessons cost us a lot of money! Hopefully, this course will make your move to Ecuador much easier and less stressful!
Amelia And JP

Here's What You'll Get

You asked for a guide to make your move to Ecuador less mysterious and confusing, so that was our goal when we set out to create this course. Here is what you'll get:

  • A step-by-step relocation guide to make your move to Ecuador easier, faster and cheaper.

  • Real, honest insider knowledge about Ecuador from the expat perspective.

  • A comparison of the best expat cities to help you decide where to live.

  • Help deciding which type of visa best fits your situation.

  • Discussion of sensitive topics we wouldn't post on our public YouTube channel.

Bonus Material

In addition to all the insider info we share in the videos and written content, you'll also get:

  • Expat Fast Track Checklist

    Our A-to-Z Expat Fast Track Checklist has every step you'll need to take along the way. Once you check off the last item on the list, you'll be living in Ecuador!

  • City Comparison Matrix

    We've created a City Comparison Matrix to help you decide where to live. Just circle the things that are important to you and your dream destination will reveal itself!

  • Discussion Forum

    Each video lesson has its own dedicated discussion forum so you can ask topic-specific questions and get personalized answers for your unique situation.

Course Curriculum

Here are the main modules and lessons. There are over 60 lessons that we'll update as things change and you'll get lifetime access.

  • 1

    Welcome Aboard!

  • 2

    First Steps

    • Overview

    • Cost of Moving to Ecuador

    • Cost of Living in Ecuador

    • Easy Spanish Tricks

    • Avoid Passport Drama

    • Minimize Banking Fees

    • Mobile Phone Readiness

    • Join Expat Groups

    • Final Thoughts

  • 3


    • Overview

    • Visa Requirements

    • Visa Options

    • The Application Process

    • Final Thoughts

  • 4

    Best Expat Cities

    • Overview

    • Cuenca

    • Manta

    • Quito

    • Cotacachi

    • Loja

    • Vilcabamba

    • Salinas

    • Olón/Montañita

    • Final Thoughts

  • 5

    Exploratory Trip

    • Overview

    • Getting to Ecuador

    • Ground Transportation

    • Safety

    • Lodging

    • Maximize Your Time

    • Final Thoughts

    • NEWS: COVID Travel Info

    • MORE: Vaccines

  • 6

    Preparing to Move

    • Overview

    • Visa Prep

    • Financial Prep & Taxes

    • Mail Prep

    • Sell or Ship

    • What to Bring

    • Family & Friends Prep

    • Final Thoughts

  • 7

    Before You Leave Home

    • Overview

    • Gathering Your Documents

    • Getting Packed

    • Bringing Children

    • Bringing Pets

    • Travel Plans

    • Final Thoughts

  • 8

    Getting Settled in Ecuador

    • Overview

    • Money, Banking & Taxes

    • Long-term Housing & Home Security

    • Cédulas

    • Cell Phones

    • Healthcare & Health Insurance

    • Saving Money

    • Religion & Politics

    • Social Life, Dating & Prostitution

    • Avoiding Scams

    • Culture Shock & Differences

    • Final Thoughts

    • MORE: Useful Facts About Ecuador

    • MORE: A Brief History of Ecuador

    • MORE: Ecuador Flag & Symbolism

  • 9

    Next Steps...

    • Course Wrap-up

    • Additional Resources

    • Before you go...


From just 3 of more than 200 happy clients!

  • Gail - New York

    Truly A to Z! Excellent information (videos, text, links to other videos and articles) plus access to amazing resources, and presented ala Amelia & JP style (i.e., intelligent, fun, honest). And the money saving tips will more than pay for the cost of this course.

  • Brian - Texas

    Thanks for putting together a great course! The topics covered were spot on and very relevant to me as I am traveling to Ecuador this next week for an exploratory trip. The common sense approach to the material was refreshing. Thanks for what you do.

  • Karey - U.S.

    I thought it was very helpful. Such great info and the topics covered were detailed. So many extra links and resources to all the helpful items for making a decision and making a move. Thanks Amelia & JP for putting this together!


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